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Taste the Authenticity of Arabica in Every CubeArabica Coffee Bean

plantation Specifications

Coffee Beans Grade Screen Size
Arabica Plantation AAA
(Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold)
Arabica Plantation AA 18
Arabica Plantation A 17
Arabica Plantation AB/A 15
Arabica Plantation C 14
Arabica Plantation PB Mix
Arabica Plantation Bits Mix

Arabica Plantation

Cherry Specifications

Coffee Beans Grade Screen Size
Arabica Cherry AAA 19
Arabica Cherry AA 18
Arabica Cherry A 17
Arabica Cherry AB/A 15
Arabica Cherry C 14
Arabica Cherry PB Mix
Arabica Cherry Bulk Mix

Arabica Cherry

Packing & Loadability

Packing 60 Kg Jute Bags
Load-Ability 19.2 Metric tons in a 20 ft Container (19200 Kg or 320 Jute bags)

Season Calender

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Peak Period

Coffee Bean Packing

The Harvest Schedule

Asia & Africa Origin

Central & North America Origin