Spray Dried

Spray Dried

Spray dried coffee is the “powdered” form of instant coffee and is the most economical and popular instant coffee product in bulk and consumer pack. We import and blend the best bean across the globe to get the rich tatse. In the spray-dried process, the feed to the spray dryer is a mixture of concentrated aroma and hydrolysed fractions, with the preserved aroma components added. In order to maximize aroma retention, drying of the extract takes place under conditions that maintain low powder temperatures. different types of spray dryers can be used for drying of coffee. bulk density and colour control is possible by means of in-line gas mixers. inert gas is injected into the feed system just prior to the nozzle atomizer used in the spray drying system.

In the spray-dried process, the water is allowed to evaporate, forming a concentrate. the concentrated coffee is sprayed from a high tower in a large hot-air chamber. as the droplets fall, the remaining water evaporates. dry crystals of coffee fall to the bottom of the chamber which in turn is collected in storage bins. the high temperatures involved in this method tends to affect the oils of the coffee, which leads to loosing of more flavour when compared to freeze dried coffee.

Various blends:

  • 100 % Pure Arabica blend
  • 100 % Pure Robusta blend
  • Combination of Arabica and Robusta (Importing countries need)
  • 80% coffee + chicory
  • 70% coffee + chicory
  • 50% coffee + chicory
  • 35% coffee + chicory
  • 20% coffee + chicory>

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